The Barcelona International Caravaning Show is back, the leading trade fair in Spain and one of the most important in Europe

Events  |  28 - 09 - 2023

Bergstrom Spain will be in Hall 5, Level 0, Street B, Stand 229, with great news for lovers of motorhomes, caravans, campers and 4x4 off-road/overland vehicles

Considered the benchmark trade fair for the caravanning sector in Spain, this year it returns stronger than ever and reaffirms itself as the main meeting point for this sector in our country.

Bergstrom Spain will be present at the International Caravaning Show in Barcelona from 7 to 15 October.

OpenAir 12V Full Inverter

Bergstrom Spain has prepared a special stand so that motorhome, caravan and campervan enthusiasts can try out the new OpenAir 12V Full Inverter, a powerful, quiet and cool unit.

OpenAir 12V Full Inverter comes to revolutionise the caravanning segment. It runs on 12V connected only to the vehicle's battery, allowing you to travel long distances in the best climate and with total freedom, as it does not require a 220V socket or the use of generators or inverters. Thanks to its power of more than 2000W, its cooling capacity is ideal for vehicles up to 7 metres long.

Its Full Inverter technology provides high energy efficiency and very low consumption, especially when it comes to maintaining the interior temperature. These features make it the only 12V air conditioner for motorhomes and campers with more than 2000W of real power.

The new OpenAir 12V Full Inverter is very easy to install, with 4 mounting positions, which allows it to combine perfectly with other roof accessories. Another of its advantages is its extra-flat height of only 20 cm, which avoids height problems and improves consumption.


In addition to this new equipment, Bergstrom Spain will present its new IRIS II, the result of the constant evolution and innovation that characterises the company.

IRIS II is consolidated as the most ecological cooler, as it does not use gases or chemical products, which makes it especially suitable for people with allergies or asthma problems. It is also specially designed for families and pets because it avoids sudden changes in temperature while distributing healthy, fresh air and keeping humidity at the ideal level. It optimally cools vehicles up to 8 linear metres.

The new version of the ecological cooler with autonomous evaporative system IRIS II incorporates a modern touch console and dimmable LED ambient light.

The new touch screen has a new aesthetics that in addition to modernity adds to the equipment ease of use and quick orientation in the search for functions, all within a very pleasant visual environment thanks to the LED ambient light.

The control unit with IR technology is convenient and practical due to its small size, which does not require a mounting bracket.

DUAL POWER II 4x4 Off-Road

Aware of the boom in 4x4 off-road and overland motorhomes, Bergstrom Spain has adapted a unit from its Heavy Duty range for this type of vehicle. This is the DUAL POWER II 4x4 Off-Road, a bi-modular electric air conditioning unit with a very resistant structure that makes it ideal for harsh and demanding environments, which can be seen on its stand.

It is a fully electric unit that adapts easily to any vehicle thanks to its modular structure and allows the system to be configured with a compressor and three types of evaporator depending on the needs.

All adventure lovers who want to explore the unknown and conquer places beyond the asphalt, to travel over difficult terrain marked by adventure, exploration and freedom, will be able to enjoy the DUAL POWER II 4x4 Off-Road.