Distributors, fostering growth through partnership

Sectors  |  07 - 11 - 2023

Bergstrom's relationship with its distributors has always been close and collaborative, aware of the importance of having the right partner to connect our products with future customers, wherever they are.

From the very beginning of the creation of the BERGSTROM NETWORK, we had a clear vision: to foster growth through collaboration. This collaborative approach has reaffirmed our commitment to building a strong network that promotes and fosters collaboration and cooperation between companies, which has added value in strengthening the relationship with the end customer.

The scheduled visits of the sales team to distributors and dealers, the meetings, tests and technical demonstrations of our air conditioning equipment or the talks on the needs of the end customer are a fundamental part of a close relationship that has the customer as the protagonist.

That is why we have opted for having a network of distributors who know how to offer the product in the most appropriate way and thus promote teamwork that helps to respond, at the right time, to the different demands of users.

We have recently strengthened and expanded our dealer network and forged national and international alliances with other brands in order to optimise distribution channels and reach a more global audience.

During our attendance at the International Caravaning Show in Barcelona, we have added new distributors to the Bergstrom Network within the Leisure Sector, thus increasing our distribution capacity and consolidating one of the fundamental principles of this Network: to build a structure that promotes and encourages collaboration, learning and mutual development.

The global network we have forged is a testament to the important inter-company collaboration that enables continuous improvement to ensure customer satisfaction with every Bergstrom product.

We welcome new distributors, we are stronger with you!